In the world of heated tobacco products, IQOS has gained significant popularity as a leading brand. It offers a range of devices designed to provide an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Among their notable models are IQOS Iluma and IQOS 3. In this article, we will compare these two devices to determine which one reigns supreme. So, let’s delve into the features, performance, and overall user experience to understand which model stands out as the superior choice.

With smoking alternatives on the rise, IQOS has emerged as a major player in the market. IQOS devices utilize a heat-not-burn technology that heats specially designed tobacco sticks, known as HEETS, to create a flavorful vapor without combustion. IQOS Iluma and IQOS 3 represent the latest innovations from the brand, offering enhanced features and an improved user experience. Let’s explore these devices in detail.

Understanding IQOS

Before we dive into the comparison, it’s essential to understand the fundamental principles behind IQOS. Unlike traditional cigarettes that burn tobacco, IQOS devices heat the tobacco sticks at lower temperatures, resulting in a vapor that contains significantly fewer harmful chemicals compared to cigarette smoke. This approach aims to provide a satisfying and potentially reduced-risk alternative for adult smokers.

The Features of IQOS Iluma

IQOS Iluma, the newer model of the two, introduces several notable features. Its sleek and compact design offers improved portability, making it convenient for on-the-go use. The device incorporates advanced heating technology, allowing for a rapid start-up time and consistent performance. The battery life has also been enhanced, providing users with extended usage before needing to recharge. Moreover, IQOS Iluma boasts compatibility with the full range of HEETS flavors, giving users a diverse selection to choose from.

The Features of IQOS 3

IQOS 3, the predecessor of IQOS Iluma, continues to be a reliable choice for heated tobacco enthusiasts. It features a sturdy construction and a larger battery compared to the Iluma model. The design remains sleek and ergonomic, providing a comfortable grip. The IQOS 3 also supports the complete lineup of HEETS flavors, ensuring a wide array of options for users. Additionally, it incorporates an intuitive user interface and cleaning mechanism, enhancing the overall user experience.

Design and Portability

When it comes to design and portability, both IQOS Iluma and IQOS 3 offer sleek and modern aesthetics. The IQOS Iluma, being the newer model, boasts a more compact and lightweight design, making it highly portable and suitable for users who prioritize convenience. On the other hand, the IQOS 3 has a slightly larger form factor but remains ergonomic, providing a comfortable and secure grip. Both models are well-designed and visually appealing, catering to different user preferences.

Heating Technology

The heating technology employed by both models plays a crucial role in delivering a satisfying tobacco experience. IQOS Iluma utilizes an advanced heating technology known as IQOS 3DUO, which ensures a consistent and precise heating of the tobacco sticks. This technology allows for a rapid heat-up time, allowing users to enjoy their tobacco quickly. The IQOS 3, on the other hand, utilizes the IQOS HeatControl™ technology, which also provides consistent heating and ensures that the tobacco sticks are heated at optimal temperatures. Both devices excel in delivering a flavorful and satisfying tobacco experience, with minimal smoke and odor.

Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a heated tobacco device. IQOS Iluma boasts an improved battery compared to its predecessor, allowing for longer usage between charges. With its efficient power management system, users can enjoy multiple tobacco experiences throughout the day without worrying about running out of battery. Similarly, IQOS 3 offers a reliable battery life, ensuring that users can enjoy their tobacco sessions without interruptions. Both models provide sufficient battery performance, but IQOS Iluma takes a slight edge in this aspect.

Tobacco Stick Compatibility

For many users, the availability and variety of tobacco stick flavors are essential. IQOS Iluma and IQOS 3 offer compatibility with the full range of HEETS flavors, providing users with a diverse selection to suit their preferences. Whether you enjoy a rich tobacco flavor or prefer something more menthol-infused, both devices have you covered. The compatibility with HEETS flavors ensures that users can explore different taste profiles and find their ideal tobacco experience.

User Experience

A seamless and enjoyable user experience is a key consideration for any device. IQOS Iluma focuses on improving the overall user experience by introducing features like an intuitive interface and quick start-up time. The device is designed to be user-friendly, allowing both new and experienced users to navigate its functions effortlessly. IQOS 3, while slightly older, still offers a smooth and satisfying user experience. Its ergonomic design and easy-to-use interface make it a reliable choice for users seeking a hassle-free tobacco alternative.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for the optimal performance and longevity of heated tobacco devices. IQOS Iluma incorporates a simplified cleaning mechanism, making it easier for users to maintain the device. Its detachable parts can be cleaned with ease, ensuring that users can keep their device in top condition. Similarly, IQOS 3 offers a straightforward cleaning process, allowing users to maintain the device without hassle. Both models prioritize convenience when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, making them user-friendly options.


Pricing is an important consideration for many consumers when choosing between two models. IQOS Iluma, being the newer model with advanced features, typically comes at a slightly higher price point. The added benefits and enhanced performance justify the price difference for users who value the latest technology and improved design. On the other hand, IQOS 3, being the predecessor, is often available at a more affordable price. It remains a reliable and cost-effective choice for those seeking a quality heated tobacco device on a budget.

Comparing Performance

When comparing the performance of IQOS Iluma and IQOS 3, it’s important to note that both models deliver an exceptional heated tobacco experience. The advanced heating technology in both devices ensures consistent and satisfying vapor production. The vapor quality, flavor delivery, and overall performance are comparable between the two models. However, IQOS Iluma’s enhanced features, such as rapid heat-up time and improved battery life, give it a slight edge in terms of performance and user convenience.

Safety Considerations

Safety is of paramount importance when using any tobacco or alternative nicotine product. IQOS devices prioritize user safety by utilizing a heat-not-burn technology that significantly reduces the levels of harmful chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes. Both IQOS Iluma and IQOS 3 adhere to rigorous quality and safety standards, ensuring that users can enjoy their tobacco experience with peace of mind. It is important to note that while these devices offer a potentially reduced-risk alternative, they are not entirely risk-free. Users should still exercise caution and consider their individual health circumstances before using any tobacco or nicotine product.

Final Verdict

After a comprehensive comparison of IQOS Iluma and IQOS 3, it’s clear that both models offer impressive features and performance. IQOS Iluma stands out as the superior model due to its advanced technology, enhanced battery life, and improved portability. The sleek design, intuitive interface, and compatibility with a wide range of HEETS flavors make it an attractive choice for those seeking a modern and convenient heated tobacco device.

However, it’s worth noting that IQOS 3 remains a reliable option for users who prioritize affordability without compromising on quality. It offers a satisfying tobacco experience, comfortable design, and compatibility with the full range of HEETS flavors.

Ultimately, the choice between IQOS Iluma and IQOS 3 will depend on individual preferences, budget, and priorities. Whether you value the latest technology and enhanced features or seek a cost-effective option, both models deliver a satisfying and potentially reduced-risk alternative to traditional cigarettes.

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